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Our mission is to use fitness as the gateway to connect and change people's lives.

We understand that people connect with stories, and joining anything new can be
intimating, let alone a fitness program.
Who are the people I am going to be trained by?
Are they going to be super intense and inconsiderate? 
Because we know scary people exist in the fitness world...
Are they going to be encouraging and care about me personally?
How hardcore are they?
What are their roots?
What do they believe in?
What kind of sea of people am I going to be stepping into?
We get it, but don't worry, our culture is intentional and kind.

Our passion for fitness has been long standing.

Having started off with Endurance racing, and moving into the CrossFit world to get stronger,
we learned what works, and what doesn’t. So as life and kids came into the picture,
our goal clarified into a simple mission: teach busy people how to make it all work.
You know... how to build habits that fit into your lifestyle, to show you that IT IS
possible to put yourself, your health, your nutrition and all those things onto the FIRST burner.
But more importantly, we passionately desire to change people's lives. We’re a high-
energy, visionary and motivated husband and wife team. Yep - fitness is the avenue
we've chosen, but if we owned a car dealership or a coffee shop or a food truck, our
mission would be the same. We believe fitness can be the gateway to connect and
change people's lives. Will you join us in helping Green Bay become the fittest,
healthiest community – in more ways than one?

Courtney is a Jesus girl, a wife, a mom, a friend, the world's best hugger (she'll give you
one if you need it) and lights up the room. After getting into endurance racing, she found
herself completely worn out by one of her marathon trainings, that’s when the lightbulb
came on and CrossFit entered the scene. Lifting weights, running, biking, chasing
children, throwing them in the air. It completely changed her life and her perspective on
fitness. It has meshed her athletic lifestyle with being able to keep up life, and her three
busy boys. "For real...I cannot imagine how people who don't lift weights are able to
keep up with their kids!"

Chase Ford is a former United States Marine and served with 2nd Battalion 8th Marines
in Weapons Company (CAAT-Bravo, MAP2, and Scout Snipers). We know people jive
with military veterans and we want to emphasize this is a huge part of who we are
(shameless plug that we do work with HOOAH WI to get Veterans in One Shot for free!).
To escape the chaos of the battlefield overseas and post deployment,
fitness became a method of coping. 
Courtney and Chase met in San Diego, CA through a local gym as they both trained for
a swim and lifting competition. Chase offered Court competitive swim lessons and that
was enough to reel her in! They trained, ate sushi, watched an episode of Hoarders (oh
my gosh… have you ever seen that show?! Don't.), watched the red tide on the beach -
and they were just friends. (Wait-- didn't see that curve ball.)
Chase moved to Hawaii. Court stayed in San Diego. And after lots of Skype chats (yes,
we're stone age...) and flirting long-distance, they decided this whole "friend thing"
wasn't really for them. THEY HAD TO BE TOGETHER. Court took the dive to move to
Together, they tried to open a gym two times in Hawaii, but it wasn’t working out, so
they bought $3,000 worth of equipment and hauled it around in their Nissan to multiple
different parks each night. They ran into multiple different park permit hold ups, daylight
savings, little league football coaches. It was a mess, but they made it work.
When Court tore her ACL in Hawaii, and needed to get surgery and go through rehab,
they decided to move to Wisconsin for the next year to plan their wedding.

One year later, we got the ultra-quick go ahead to open a gym in Wisconsin, finally!

Eleven years later and counting, we are still living out our dream. We've changed our
location, and our vision has evolved, but OUR MISSION has always remained the same

Now you got to know us, but we want to get to know YOU!

So, are you in?
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